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Survey reveals fad diet’s ineffectiveness

Results of a survey conducted by YouGov and Slimming World validate what weight loss experts have insisted on for for years. Fad diets usually fail in the long run. Worse still, they can do lasting…

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Study: Pregnant women must not “eat for two”

The results of research conducted at Bristol University add to a growing body of evidence suggesting that gaining excess weight during pregnancy has lasting consequences for many women. In fact, it can lead to permanent…

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Study: Alcohol causes increased belly fat in women

According to the recent European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition, a study conducted through the German Institute of Human Nutrition concluded that alcohol is more likely to lead to increased belly fat in women….

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Researchers say cocoa may aid in weight loss

Researchers at Penn State University have arrived at findings that will warm the hearts of chocolate-lovers everywhere. According to a recent study, drinking cocoa may aid in weight loss. Their results, published in the Journal of…

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