Obese women are paid lower wages, study says

A recent study conducted in Iceland and published in the Journal Elsevier’s Economics and Human Biology, validates the conclusions of past studies which proved that obese women are discriminated with lower wages. This is in marked contrast to men, for whom added heft can sometimes actually be seen as an advantage in the work world.

The March edition of the journal in which the study was published reports that this research found a negative correlation between weight and employment in women, and a slightly positive one for men. This is only the last of several studies which concur with these findings. A 2009 U.S. study led by University of Michigan professor Edward Norton, revealed that overweight women tended to earn less.

As with the most recent study, Norton’s research suggested that men do not suffer the same fate. If anything, bigger men are paid slightly more. These troubling findings underscore the importance of getting in shape, particularly during the job search, according to Adam Gilbert, who founded an online fitness site called My Body Tutor.

While being physically fit is an asset, reaching that goal is a process best done with moderation. Gilbert warns against fad diets, instead advising a slow and steady approach

Finally, he recommends that it is far better to look at what you can have as you are trying to lose weight, as opposed to what you can’t. For instance, instead of excessively mourning the fact that you can’t have ice-cream, find an equally tasty substitute such as fruit and yogurt.

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