Study shows organic food can aid weight loss and increase life expectancy

A University of Newcastle study sings the praises of eating organic fruits and vegetables. Organic food, grown without the aid of fertilizers or pesticides, is packed with additional nutrients and can furnish long-term benefits.

The study indicated that eating these fresh and nourishing foods can not only help you slim down, but also doing so may actually prolong your life. This may happen, they say, if you totally switch to eating organic foods, ingesting them in the same amounts as you had previously eaten conventionally grown products.

Women who eat organic, they say, can expect to live an extra 17 days, and men an additional 25 days. A very few might prolong their lives by as much as several years.

The study also advocates eating organic as much as possible because the fruits and vegetables are rich in compounds that can help you burn fat.

Specifically, organically grown products are rich in compounds called secondary metabolites, including phenolics, tannins, flavanones, carotenoids and fat-burning resveratrol, all said to bolster the immune system and protect the body against damage at the cellular level due to free radicals.

Newcastle researchers added that organic products have 12 percent higher amounts of secondary metabolites and six percent more Vitamin C than does conventionally grown food.

Peter Melchett, policy director at the Soil Association, an organic farming organization, summed it up this way: people choose to eat organic to protect animals and wildlife, as well as for other environmental reasons. Now we can also add health benefits to the list.

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