Study shows people are clueless about alcohol calories

Drinkaware, a UK alcohol awareness organization, has conducted research which suggests that many dieters don’t take note of a very important factor when trying to lose weight. Although they might forego a high-calorie dish in favor of a salad, many fail to realize that the alcoholic drink they have with their veggies is loaded with calories.

Believe it or not, a glass of champagne has 95 calories, equivalent to eating a piece of treacle tart. Drinking a glass of wine is no different calorie-wise than having a choc ice. And instead of eating a Yorkshire pudding, all you need to do is to have a gin and tonic to get the same amount of calories.

According to Drinkaware, over one-third of the 2000 UK adult consumers they surveyed want to lose weight, planning to count calories over the next month. Yet, only one in ten have plans to curtail the amount of alcohol they drink.

Less than 33 percent of the subjects knew that a glass of wine contains 134 calories, while nearly half can tell you that a cheeseburger has 337 calories.

This survey may help to shed light on the link between binge drinking of five alcoholic beverages or more, and obesity.

Drinkaware’s Chief Executive, Chris Sorek, echoes these concerns. The majority of dieters simply don’t understand the negative effect that alcohol consumption can have on their weight loss goals. They may make positive changes in other respects, yet fail to realize that sharing a bottle of wine with their spouse packs the same calorie wallop as does eating a high-fat slice of cheesecake.

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