Survey reveals fad diet’s ineffectiveness

Results of a survey conducted by YouGov and Slimming World validate what weight loss experts have insisted on for for years. Fad diets usually fail in the long run. Worse still, they can do lasting physical damage.

More than 2,300 women were involved in this study. It revealed that over 20 percent of women on five or more diets and regained the weight they lost. A good number of the women had been on more than 20 diets, with no lasting success.

This phenomenon of repeatedly losing and gaining back weight is known as yoyo dieting. It has been linked to poor self-esteem and a loss of self-confidence.

Jacquie Lavin, head of nutrition and research at Slimming World, expresses a marked level of concern about these yoyo diets, stating that they can have long-lasting effects on a dieter’s mind, as well as her body.

The prevalence of yoyo dieting is probably due to the upsurge in fad diets in the UK that recommend that a person totally eliminate a particular food group, go on a liquid diet, or follow an unbalanced eating plan.

Luckily, the yoyo dieting cycle can be broken without too much difficulty.

According to Lavin, a diet rich in filling, nourishing foods like pasta, potatoes, lean meat, fish, rice and vegetables is both low in calories and satisfying.

She adds that the best eating plan is one you can adopt for the long term. So the occasional piece of chocolate or glass of wine is fine. It’s all about moderation and good sense that will carry the dieter through a lifetime of sane food choices.

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